A Little More About Our Pastors…

Get to know our Pastors

Pastor Rene` Brown

Pastor Rene` Brown is the founder and pastor of Living Faith Christian Ministries (LFCM). His leadership and church ministry Pastor Rene` Brownaffirms that all can be used by the Lord, regardless of background, age, or gender.

Under Pastor Rene`’s leadership and faithful uncompromising teaching, Living Faith Christian Ministries has steadily grown. His genuine sense of realness, disarming transparency, and humorous in-your-face style has become the trademarks of this expository teacher.Through his visionary leadership, Pastor Rene` continues to cast a holistic vision for 21st century ministries that is spiritually based and socially relevant.

A 26-year combat veteran of the United States Army and a two-time Bronze Star recipient, Pastor Rene` has always had a heart to the the Gospel and led many soldiers to Christ during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, where he also helped lead several Somalis to Christ. During Operation Iraqi Freedom in Baghdad, Iraq Pastor Rene’ not only participated in combat operations, but was blessed with the opportunity to serve as a pastor for the local Armed Forces. Under his ministry, God blessed him to lead his congregation into many building and renovation programs for the local populace.

Pastor Rene` is humbled to be able to share his heart and compassion for loss souls with the City of Louisville and our West Louisville Communities.

Pastor Rene` is a graduate of Microbiological Studies at Oakland University of Auburn Hills, Michigan and has received an MBA in International Business from the University of Phoenix (cum laude).

Co-Pastor Carolyn Brown

Pastor Carolyn is affectionately referred to by the LFCM family as Pastor “PC”. The call of God on her life is to equip God’s people to Co-Pastor Carolyn Brownprosper and walk in divine health and destroy the works of the devil.

Born and raised in Louisville, the anointing of God on Pastor Carolyn’s life is evident through demonstrative messages reaching people of all ages, nationalities and religious denominations. Her daily prayer is that God will give her a fresh anointing to go forth in power, love and a sound mind to destroy the works of the devil.

Pastor Carolyn leads our Women of Faith Ministry @ Living Faith…. A ministry designed to aid in the teaching & healing of Women ~Mind, Soul & Spirit.